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Hi I'm Teresa welcome to our new shop . I share the shop with Sean Bartley, we are two friends who work with recycled furniture, two different businesses and styles of  working. 

The Bird Barn

Welcome to my website

Rejuvenated and Hand Painted Vintage Furniture and Things

 What do I do in The Bird Barn?

I source and take mostly old French/European furniture, clean and repair , paint, oil and rub down .. and add layers of colour texture and wax.
I work with various colours and mix my own combinations of paint colours and wax tints.
I also take 
commissions to paint and update furniture

         Why The Bird Barn ?

It is where I work daily.  A barn owl living above, house martins  and swallows swooping in and out, a friendly robin and other birds chattering noisily outside.  It seemed the perfect name as it gives me peace and serenity to paint 

Opening Hours

Monday - Tuesday

11:00am – 05:00pm



Thursday - Saturday

11:00am – 05:00pm


11:00am – 03:00pm


11 Place du Martray
Jugon-les-Lacs, Brittany, 22270, FR

The Bird Barn offers a 'Cornucopia of Pleasures' for anyone looking for something to enhance their home


Chris Derry - Artwork & pottery 
Garry Frostick - Web Site & Design
Sean Bartley - Home Sweet Home
Kate DeRuty -   Upholsterer - Jugon Les Lacs

The Bird Barn